Still Relying On Cold Calling To Generate Sales?

If you’re UK based or using a UK based company that makes cold calls on your behalf, are you aware of the legislative changes that become effective from 6th April ’15.

Certain current legal requirements will be removed, making it simpler to impost fines of up to £500,000.

To read the BBC article, click the link here. :

Far easier and with a better conversion rate, is to leverage technology. Putting your business in front of those who are actively searching online for products / services that your company provides is critical. These people have intent. They are either searching for information prior to purchasing or they’re already in a buying mode.

When someone has is actively searching for detail, you know that they’ve intent. To present your solution to their particular issue and details on how to contact you. At that point, they become a warm or semi-qualified lead and turning that enquiry into a potential sale requires significantly less investment of time, money and effort that a corresponding volume of cold calls.

To discuss how your business can start or improve it’s digital presence and interact with your ideal clientele, contact us today.

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Climb Online With Signametric

How To Build Your Business Online – 2 Simple Steps

Companies are constantly being challenged to do more with less and to find new ways of generating leads. Going online and being visible digitally to your target market is critical and cannot be considered “something to get around to”.

  • Companies not on page 1 of the search engine result’s page are losing revenue. Fact.
  • Research indicates that approximately 85% of visitors do not go beyond page 1 of Google.
  • This traffic has a very real, financial value, to those business who are present on Page 1. What is the value to your business?

Our proven method gets our clients in front of their target clients, in turn generating business leads and new business.  For those who do not know your brand, but are actively searching online for your products or services, will they find your company on the first page of the search engines?  If not, you are allowing your competitors who are there, to take your potential clients and their spending power.

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There are many factors that contribute to the ranking of a website, from the website itself through to a wider range of activity linked to the website.  Sometimes referred to as “backlinks” or “off page” activity.  Many business owners are sold the concept that a website has to be “visually appealing” and will invest a large sum into web design.  The problem here, many web designers do not fully understand how to build a website such that it will be found by the search engines.  Long gone are the days of “keyword stuffing”, putting the keywords – the words used by market to find your product / service – throughout the website. Do this now and the effect is likely to be counterproductive and get your website penalised!  Whilst there is some truth in the need for a website to be visually appealing, if the way in which the site itself isn’t structured correctly and the content presented appropriately, the website is very unlikely to be found and therefore, what it looks like, is immaterial.  It is far better to invest your scarce resources into ensuring that you have your website structured correctly, but perhaps not quite the oil painting that will hang in a gallery, be on page 1 and be seen by those with purchasing intent, than one that might look “nice”, but not seen by anyone!

Put another way, if the foundations of the site are not designed appropriately (think an architect’s blueprint for a building) the building will not be visible to the vast majority of people looking for it.  Another way to think about the foundations, is the index and categorisation system employed by a library to know what book is where.  The internet is exactly the same.  There is a vast amount of information available and the purpose of a search engine is to return highly relevant information, and quickly, to those searching for it.  If Google and the other search engines do not understand your website, they can’t index your site, and therefore, when your service / product (topic) is being sought, you will not be found.  What’s the value to your business of that lost revenue because you’re not visible to your target market?

People’s attention span is becoming increasingly short, it’s estimated that if a website doesn’t grab their attention within the first 4 seconds, the vast majority will move to another site. Does your website very quickly and unambiguously shout out what your about and how the visitor can or should get in touch with you?  If not, that’s a further source of wasted business.

2 Top Tips:

  1. make sure the very first experience a visitor has of your website is that it shouts out, visually as well as textually, what it is your company is selling
  2. Be very clear how you want to be contacted, e.g. call this number, use this email or fill in this box.

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