Digital Marketing Strategy

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business?

In very simple terms, it enables all businesses to:

  • engage and interact with its target market (therefore making the process two way).
  • more effectively direct messages to the target audience.
  • build a relationship with your market, which in turn increases future sales as trust is established.
  • lower barriers to entry and quickly scalable models.
  • these elements culminate in reduced cost of client acquisition and lead generation.

Not designing and then implementing an effective digital marketing strategy into your client acquisition is tantamount to allowing money to flow down the drain!  Putting it another way, what is the value of a client (whether this is a one off purchase or lifetime value) to your business and how many of these people are taking their business to your competitors because your business is not visible to them and / or they’ve “forgotten” about you?

It is forecast that c. 60% of online traffic in 2015 will be mobile based (i.e. smartphone or tablet). This has a range of implications, not least of which is ensuring that the website appears properly on a smaller screen and critically, any transaction or call to action can be easily completed on the mobile device.

Incorporating a digital marketing strategy into the overall client acquisition approach is key for all businesses.

More and more people have a range of devices that enable them to go online and this will continue to expand as technology evolves. As such, significant amount of information is being consumed online, be this browsing the web, reading email, interacting with others via Twitter, Facebook, etc and it is imperative that these channels are employed, in conjunction with more traditional methods, to raise your brand’s digital profile, keep “in the mind” of your target market and build trust to generate sales leads and new sales funnels.

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