Does Your Website Pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Update?

If you’re unaware of Google’s recent massive search engine algorithm update, released and rolling out worldwide from 21st April ’15, you need to take note and take action.

If your business does or you want it to generate calls, leads and revenue from your website, it’s imperative that action is taken now because these are at risk. Business that aren’t “Mobile Friendly” Will STOP appear in the Search Engine Results Page That Matter

Don’t think this impacts your business?  Just think about how often you use your phone or tablet to search or research something online, whether because you’re waiting for someone or something. How many of your potential customers or clients are doing the same thing?  Not appearing in those search results represents a lost opportunity, lost sales lead and lost revenue.

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There’s a simple 2 step process:

  1. Check whether your site is or is not compliant.
  2. If your site fails, you need to take action today because your site will effectively disappear.

Over 60% of online searches last year were done using a mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet, etc).  Not being visible to those who are actively looking for your product or service with a mobile device will result in reduced visitors because your site will no longer be anywhere in the rankings that attracts traffic.  This translates into lower calls, lower sales and consequently lower revenue.

It should also be noted that a website that has been designed to be responsive is not necessarily automatically mobile friendly.  The two are different and as such it’s necessary to verify whether or not the website passes.

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Here’s an extract from Google’s Webmaster Blog, 26 Feb ’15 (the red outline is our edit):

Signametric Google Mobile Friendly London
Does Your Website Pass or Fail?

There are a number of solutions to make a site that fails compliant and these will be determined by the platform upon which the website is built.

3 Simple Ways To check if your website passes or fails Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Update:

  1. If your website is registered with Google Webmaster’s Tool, you will have received a notification advising you that the site required action.
  2. Put your URL / web address into this link and click here to get a clear it’s ok or it’s not.
  3. Open Google Chrome on your mobile, enter in your URL into the Google search bar box and if the words, “Mobile Friendly” appear at the start of the description of your site, then your site’s ok.

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