Lead Generation

Generating new business is critical for every business, no matter how big or small – if you’re:

– not acquiring customers or

– providing greater value to your existing clientele,

– revenues will start to fall and if this isn’t addressed, closure is almost guaranteed.

The question is then how to effectively increase your sales?

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One very quick and relatively simple step to take is determine who is your ideal market, i.e. from whom is the majority or your revenue derived (often referred to as the 80/20 rule). Focusing on this group will increase returns.

We have a successful, tried and tested method that will increase your visibility with your target market.

Long gone are the days of cold calling, which at the time didn’t really offer a particularly effective return on investment (time invested vs return realised) whether for sales or B2B lead generation; you’d be lucky if it was much beyond 3 to 4%. Equally, whilst the “old boy” network remains a factor, the increasingly global and mobile nature of the workforce, along with information being readily accessible online, means that you want to be visible to those who don’t know your brand, but are actively searching online for your product / service.  To what extent are your existing lead generation techniques, creating new sales opportunities or nurturing leads?

The internet is therefore playing a major role in driving this shift. Just think about any of the business phone directories – these are now less than half the thickness they used to be; advertising and advertising spend is increasingly being spent online. Firms have collectively paid Google, for the past few years, in the region of $4bn per month to advertise. That was in a global recession! This reflects the power digital marketing brings to lead generation.

The web and the software that’s now available to almost anyone with a computer, is a game changer. However, you do need to know what you are doing in order to make this work for you and your business. There are a range of lead generation companies in London, Surrey and Middlesex to name but a few locations and with the web now a core part of business, it’s key that online lead generation companies in the UK or those offering managed services lead generation internationally understand the latest techniques to drive website traffic.

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