B2B Lead Generation

Often a time consuming and energy/money sapping function of any business.

Signametric have developed unique assets that can assist with your current operations to drive meaningful information and customer data for your teams. Helping you craft a solid flow of leads to follow up on.

If there were a simple, “click here” or 3 steps to answer all your B2B lead generation questions, they’d be failing! There is no simple or short cut way to assure your b2b lead generation activities.

B2B leads come from a variety of sources, some will be more effective than others and at different times according to the audience.

The range of sources for leads includes:

  1. Direct Mailing
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Email marketing
  4. Telemarketing
  5. Blogs
  6. Social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc
  7. Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing (SEO and SEM respectively)
  8. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  9. Traditional Advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, etc).

Each also has a different entry point and the cost to run varies. Digital and web based marketing typically has a lower cost of entry and can be scaled fairly quickly, whereas more traditional marketing can have longer lead times and when it comes to TV adverts, will have a higher cost.

Research shows that often a message has to be heard up to 7 times before it registers / is remembered and this underpins the need to actively market a consistent message with your target audience. A website and email marketing offer a very cost effective way to keep in touch with those who’ve previously shown interest in and / or have purchased from you previously.  In this instance, you’ve almost got a dedicated market with whom you’re building trust, have a higher “alarm bell” threshold to any sales message and as such, are more receptive and likely to buy from you again in the future.

Digital technology is constantly evolving, become more affordable and therefore increasing who can do what and when. This is mixing things up and for the better.  What is does mean is that the old order no longer holds.

As such, the “rules” have to change to keep up with the reality.

As you can see from the image, social media of its own, doesn’t directly generate a significant volume of leads, however, it can and should be used to keep your brand awareness, high, to drive traffic to your website and in turn any events you may then be holding.

Content Marketing is king.

This is a mantra many in the digital marketing world will use, because it is true. People are searching for good content and this will help generate B2B leads. What channels work with content?

  • Webinars – this is a relatively low cost method to engage directly with those already interested in your product / service.
  • Publish research.
  • Produce and publish videos – a simple video can be captured with the technology that’s built into most modern smartphones (another example of significantly reduces costs of entry).
  • Blogs – do this right and the results can be found in the search engine results themselves.

Create Give-aways

The content needs to be something that’ll be perceived as valuable and useful by those reading it. For example, a short report on a solution to a given a problem or a different angle to a common problem that others may not have considered. The give-away itself should be in a digital format, e.g. an e-book, which, in its simplest form is a Word or PDF document.

As you can see, there’s no “one size fits all to B2B lead generation.