Creating New Sales Opportunities

New sales are the lifeblood for any organisation; whether this is a new client or additional business from existing clients, the goal is the same, to increase revenue and the bottom line.

What are the best steps to increase sales?

That’s a difficult question and there’s no single answer. There are many channels to market and your audience will be engaging with any number of these at any given time. Equally, other factors need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • what other information is competing with your message at that time — at any given time, there are literally tens of thousands of pieces of data bombarding us through-out the day – TV, radio, email, websites, other people, etc, etc.  How are you going to assure your message is noticed and then heard?
  • what’s the intent of the person at that time?  For example, are they in an “information gathering” or intending to complete a transaction?  In the case of the former, it’s paramount to ensure that the material available satisfies that need.  If the person is in the “buying” mode, do they know who to contact and is the process as seamless and as hassle free as possible?

Typical channels to explore include:

  • Digital Marketing
    • the cost of entry is lower, one can scale much more quickly and advertising can be focused on your target audience (especially when buying Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with the likes of Google, Facebook, Linked In, etc).
  • Traditional Marketing
    • the cost of entry tends to be higher, with less flexibility to scale or scale as quickly as with digital marketing.
  • Referrals
    • “word of mouth” recommendations will almost always win when compared to a “cold call”, at least in the initial stages. Trust already exists with the source and as such, there’s less resistance to the message.
  • Trade Shows / events
    • the audience is interested in the product / service, but you’re then competing with other organisations providing the same or similar product / service.  The key is to determine how you are different, what value you offer and / or the benefits that will be derived should the purchase be completed with your company rather than any one of the others.