Sales Lead Generation

Generating sales leads can take many forms, whether this is cold calling, direct mail, traditional or digital marketing.

Start off by identifying you target audience and understand how your product / service can help to address or solve problems and frustrations that they’re experiencing.

Business customers tend to approach websites in a slightly different manner to consumers, in so much that the former are seeking information whereas the latter are looking to transact.
Once you understand your market, you can break things down into more manageable and targeted messages, which makes establishing and nurturing leads and relationships more achievable.

Determine which channel work best, read effective, for each of your audiences and / or topics. Some will be better than others. There are a range of channels that can be utilised and these include:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Website

Regardless of the channel, the consistent element that’s vital is the provision of meaning, useful and valuable information. The web is awash with free information and many competing demands are being made on the visitor. Research has shown that at over the course of the day, individuals are exposed to some 40, 000 pieces of data – adverts, TV, other people, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc. Equally, many people will be multi-tasking, eg. watching TV at the same time as reading Facebook, or on a webinar, but reading emails. That makes for a lot of content one’s competing with to secure the dedicated attention of your audience. In order to achieve that elixir, it needs to either be directed at them personally and / or addressing an issue that is highly pertinent to them at that point.

It is key therefore to understand your audience, what’s going on in their lives at that point, why they should be paying attention to your message, combined with the metrics associated with generating a sales lead, namely, what’s the cost, how many people have or are likely to receive the message, how many then respond and ultimately, take action and purchase. Once these number are known, you’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of future campaigns and you’ll know at what price point you break even and how strong is the return on investment (ROI).