Lead Generation Techniques

Is there a “Holy Grail” when it comes to the best / most effective techniques for lead generation? There is an increasing array of tools available, but, which one is the best or which ones are more effective?


  1. Social media – there are many platforms but the main ones that most are likely to be familiar with include Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and so forth. The effectiveness will vary according to the what, when and who, people respond and react differently to different media and messages.
  2. Referrals – referrals are key.
  3. SEO, SEM and PP – Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are terms people are likely to recognise, whereas SEM or Search Engine Marketing is less so. Ultimately, the goal is the same, to put yourself in front of your target audience.C
  4. Cross-promotions & co-marketing
  5. Provision of valuable content
  6. Speaking at trade shows, conferences and industry events
  7. Email marketing – often overlooked or not fully understood, but is a channel that should be used.
  8. Webinars – these are ideal for engaging with your audience directly and work well with high value or involved subjects.
  9. Direct mail


Bottom line, there is no elixir and different tactics will work differently for different audiences. What’s key is to know your metrics, from the cost of the campaign, the size of your target market, the cost to run an ad (when paid), through to the number of people who show an interest and then complete (or convert).