Still Relying On Cold Calling To Generate Sales?

If you’re UK based or using a UK based company that makes cold calls on your behalf, are you aware of the legislative changes that become effective from 6th April ’15.

Certain current legal requirements will be removed, making it simpler to impost fines of up to £500,000.

To read the BBC article, click the link here. :

Far easier and with a better conversion rate, is to leverage technology. Putting your business in front of those who are actively searching online for products / services that your company provides is critical. These people have intent. They are either searching for information prior to purchasing or they’re already in a buying mode.

When someone has is actively searching for detail, you know that they’ve intent. To present your solution to their particular issue and details on how to contact you. At that point, they become a warm or semi-qualified lead and turning that enquiry into a potential sale requires significantly less investment of time, money and effort that a corresponding volume of cold calls.

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